Trackimo Fleet Management Solution

Asset Tracking & Management for Lone Workers, Vehicles & Trailers, Cargo Containers High Value Priority Packages

What is Trackimo?

  • Trackimo is the world’s smallest, most feature rich personal GPS Tracking device.

Trackimo allows you to easily track anything, anyone, anytime, anywhere in the world.

We made a system form monitoring, managing, reporting, alerting on SMS or E-mail and anti-theft control using cutting-edge professional equipment. The results are easy accessible to current location information, parking, distance traveled, vehicle stops, fuel consumption, daily work sheets. All of these data gives fleet managers the ability to reduce costs and increase fleet efficiency.


  • Real-time communication;

  • Secure and safe data;

  • Modular architecture client/server;

  • Advanced analytical and statistic solutions, processing, reporting;

  • Low costs;

  • Global vector maps;

  • SMS and E-mail alerts for special events (alarm triggered, entering or exiting a perimeter, speeding, etc).


  • Fleet Management;

  • Merchandise distribution and transport;

  • Public transport; Personal vehicles

  • Construction and agricultural machinery;

  • Taxi, rent-a-car;

  • Emergency and security services;

  • Fire and rescue; Police;

  • Banks – value transfer;

  • Animal control

Products: Trackimo line of products

Trackimo Automotive

Trackimo tracks your cars, trucks, boats, motorcycles, ATV’s, motorhomes, bicycles, fleets, anywhere in the world

Establish a geo-fence that notifies you when broken

Trackimo 12V accessory allows you to hardwire unit directly to vehicle

Speed alert notifies you when it’s exceeded

Truck Trailer Fleet Battery Pack Waterproof

It is designed to extend the life of Trackimo GPS tracker by up to 120 days and include a waterproof housing, lithium-Ion batteries, and wiring. Essential for any business owners who need to keep track of their expensive cargo at all times.

Vehicle Power supply/Charger

This kit will help you attach your Trackimo tracker to your vehicle – no need to worry about uncharged battery of the tracker anymore!

You will always know the location of your car / boat / truck etc.

Input voltage range: 8v – 35v Can be “hard wired” to car + & – Wires length: 1 meter Output: 5v micro USB connector

Waterproof box + Magnet

Waterproof box that can house the Trackimo GPS tracking device with a battery of 3500mAh (instead of the builtin of 600mAh) basically 6 times battery life (about 12-21 days)

The box is very strong, has a very strong magnet attached to it and also special slots (can be seen beside the magnet) to hook it to farm animal belt, cargo, shipments, boat engine or expensive mobile construction equipment.

Enterprise Platform

  • Fleet Asset Tracking and Management

Worldwide Coverage

  • Trackimo is supported by a worldwide cellular coverage plan

Track your assets 24/7 around the world!

Enterprise $60/year/device

Enterprise asset data at your finger tips

  • Fleet Summary – Management Overview
  • Live Tracking – Allows real-time monitoring showing latest locations on the map.
  • Route Between Two Dates – Allows you to see route/routes of vehicles in a certain period of time on map.
  • Points of Interest and Perimeters – View and interact with POI’s. It represent clients, warehouses, offices, etc. Their visits are summarize in reports.
  • Email Notifications- Automatically sent in response to alert criteria
  • Reports – Scheduled generation of custom reports with updates on-demand
  • Multi Lingual Support – English, French

Fleet Summary

  • A summary overview of the current state of your assets

Points of Interest

  • Add, View and Edit your POI’s and landmarks in one screen


  • View the transits of a vehicle or group of vehicles in one convenient area


  • Generate reports on an individual asset basis or for an entire fleet
  • Standard Reports include the time and movement records for each tracked asset, generated by schedule or on-demand
  • Fuel Consumption – View the consumer information on distance traveled, time in motion during operation of the motor at standstill and imported fuel supply.
  • Costs – Displays information on fleet costs such as feeds, insurance, vignettes, revisions, etc.
  • Stops – Time and date when vehicle stops, duration of the stop, address, GPS coordinates and dashboard mileage when it stops.
  • Fuel Level – Displays the dynamics of the fuel measured by the fuel sensor.

  • Engine Hours – Displays the time between engine on (start date) and engine off (stop date) events.

  • Speed – Displays the evolution of speed and can set speed limit in Vehicle Configuration.

  • Devices can send multiple information: temperature if additional sensor is installed, power voltage of the vehicle’s battery and many more.

  • Trackimo stores one year of historical data

Data Fusion

  • The fusion of multiple data sets enables detailed analysis

Connect your critical business information with real-time asset tracking along with any other available data sources, all in one workspace – Trackimo Enterprise

Administrator Role

  • Provide access control

  • Manage the Privileges and Permissions of Users and Groups

  • Enable, deactivate or delete Users and Groups

  • Configure global Trackimo Enterprise settings

  • Activate and access global Trackimo Enterprise logging to view all User activities

  • Administrator privileges can be delegated to specific users to manage their own groups

  • Users can Manage Permission on theirs Maps and Data sources