Vehicle Theft in Ontario & Quebec Has Gone up by 50%

Vehicle theft was up by 50 per cent in Quebec year over year, by 48.3 per cent in Ontario, by 34.5 per cent in Atlantic Canada and by 18.3 per cent in Alberta. Vehicle theft has become a national crisis. The Universal 4G GPS tracking device is ideal for monitoring the location and movements of cars, trucks, trailers, bikes and all automobiles. Connect the Tracker directly to your vehicle battery and never worry about recharging your device ever again! Alternatively, use our extended battery and magnetic box combo with battery life of 30-45 days. Key features: Anti-theft Motion Alert: Alert received upon initial movement of your vehicle. Virtual Fences: define multiple “fences” around any area on the map, and get alerts upon entrance and exit and determine precise address.

46 Million Dollars in Equipment is Stolen Annually in Canada

$46 million in equipment is stolen annually in Canada with $15 to $20 million of those losses in Ontario alone. An independent survey of 100 construction companies found they experienced an average of two thefts per year, with losses averaging $25,900 for licensed vehicles and $1,600 for tools. TrackiPro is our professional series model and is an advanced long endurance tracking device that allows you to track industrial machinery, trailers, trucks, and construction equipment from anywhere, anytime. It is 100% waterproof (IP67 class) and offers an advanced standby mode enabling up to 90 days of battery life. Key features include Speed Monitoring, Anti-theft Motion detection, and Virtual Fence setting ability. Trackimo’s powerful technology helps you monitor your equipment and assets when not in use.

50,000 Kids Are Reported Missing Each Year in Canada

In Canada, more than 50,000 children are reported missing to police each year. Some are abducted, or subject to bad influences after school, or simply go missing. Keep them safe and enjoy peace of mind by knowing where they are at all times. 60% of people with Alzheimer’s or dementia will wander from their home and get themselves into trouble. Prevent your loved ones being part of the statistics. Get them a Trackimo Plus GPS tracker and know their whereabouts at all times. Get alerts instantly if they are leaving a safe-zone by crossing a virtual fence or if the SOS panic button is pressed.

GPS Pet Tracker Leather Collars for the Guardian Model

This unique 100% genuine leather collar is created specifically to hold the Trackimo trackers (the Guardian Model), firmly and safely in place. Designed and carefully handcrafted with your dog’s comfort in mind. The gently vegetable-tanned full grain buffalo and cowhide leather on the outside impresses with its soft feel and natural look. On the inside of the dog collar, warm, soft elk or sheepskin leather gently hugs your pet’s fur. This beautiful collar is suitable for your pet’s daily use and does extremely well in dogs walking or training.

10 Million Pets Are Reported Missing in Canada & the USA Yearly

In Canada, more than 1 million cats and dogs are gone missing each year and many are never recovered. Use the newly arrived 4G TrackiPet to view the location of your pets, anywhere and anytime in real time and live tracking. TrackiPet® is an intelligent, GPS-GSM-WiFi tiny rechargeable device that allows you to find and track your precious things live, automatically alerting when leaving or entering a fenced zone. TrackPet’s location is accessible through any computer or mobile device from any spot in the world. TrackPet comes with a generic clip that fits in virtually all collars, leashes and harnesses. TrackiPet uses 4 different technologies to accurately locate anything worldwide. GPS utilizing Global Positioning Satellite technology to locate outdoor within 10-50 feet accuracy. Wi-Fi is used for indoor tracking and Bluetooth for the last 10-60 feet (3-20 meters).

Never Lose Your Drone or Quadcopter Again

Drones are great for overhead photography and video capture, but because of their size it is easy to lose them. Moderate winds and low batteries are among the most common reasons of drone loss, which is not exactly comforting, considering their sky-high prices. Fortunately, Trackimo’s GPS drone tracking technology can help ensure that you can always locate your drone, wherever the wind takes it, literally. If you ever lose your prized drone, you can bet that Trackimo can find it for you. Here are just a few amazing features offered by Trackimo: Anti-theft Motion feature and Virtual Fences: define multiple “fences” around any area on the map, and get alerts upon entrance and exit.

Boat and Sea-Doo Theft is on The Rise in Canada

Did you know that thousands of boats, sea-doos and ski jets are stolen each year in Canada. TrackiPro is our professional series model and our best seller by far. It is waterproof (IP67 class) and offers an advanced standby mode enabling up to 90 days of battery life and triggering real time tracking when asset it moved. Worldwide coverage. Amazing features offered by Trackimo include: Speed Monitoring: Receive notifications if your boat exceeds the speed limit that you set. Anti-theft Motion feature: Alert received upon initial movement of your boat. Virtual Fences: define multiple “fences” around any area on the map, and get alerts upon entrance and exit. Multiple Device Tracking: add multiple trackers to your app, and share them with as many users as you want.

Never Lose Your Luggage, Shipment or Package Again!

Tens of thousands of luggage and packages are lost each year in Canada. Travel safe, travel smart! Make sure your luggage is safe even during travel with the help of the 4G GPS Travel Tracker from Trackimo, because security is important now more than ever. Trackimo GPS tracker conveniently fits into valuables, mailing packages or anything you want to track, locally or worldwide. Once you have it set up, all you need to do is place it on top of everything in your luggage, purse or package and you’re good to go. Use our battery extender and increase your battery life from 3-5 days to 30-45 days.

Six in 10 people with Dementia or Alzheimer’s Disease Will Wonder Around

Six in 10 people with dementia are likely to wander around. Although 94% are found within a mile, their safety is not always guaranteed. Safety and security is always important, especially seniors suffering from dementia and Alzheimer’s, who can no longer protect themselves from this fast-paced world. Besides getting confused, they will also get frustrated over things that they no longer remember. This is why getting them a Trackimo Plus GPS tracker is the best way to protect them from the world.


Powerful Features

Smart Alert

Receive alerts via SMS, e-mail, and app notifications for emergency events, safety zone breaches, speed thresholds, and sudden movements.

Worldwide Coverage

Trackimo devices can be tracked via web or our smartphone app anywhere there is GSM cellular reception.

SOS Button

With one press of the SOS button, the location can be broadcast via app notification, email, or text.

Peace of Mind

All tracking information is available only to you. We value your privacy and security.

Low Annual Service Cost

Trackimo offers the lowest annual service cost among consumer tracking devices worldwide.

Real-Time Tracking

GPS and GSM connections provide instant, highly accurate real-time location as well as travel history.

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